Nomination Process 2019

Welcome to Tabernacle’s online Officer Nomination page.  This online form will be available February 17th through March 31th or as directed by the Session.

Please read and consider the nomination process information and the Scriptural qualifications for officers of the church that have been supplied in the nomination booklets. Copies are available on the foyer info tables or by request to the office. After prayerful consideration, fill out one form for each man you nominate. You can send your nominations to the office or one of the Session Elders in any of these ways:

  1. The printed form from the back of the nomination booklet
  2. Email, providing answers to all the blanks and questions as on the printed form
  3. The online form on this page

The online form below will create and send an email that goes to the office. You must fill in all boxes including the email address and if present, correctly complete the CAPTCHA info at the bottom (this step makes it difficult for website “robots” to complete the form and clog our email boxes). Click SEND at the bottom when complete.

You can also check the CC: to self box to have the website send you a confirmation copy of the completed form. Send any corrections you need to make to the office for updating the submitted info. If there is a question about the info on your form and because we are not using an identify verification process, you may be contacted at the email address provided. Incomplete forms will be discarded.

If you have problems with the form, please let the office and webmaster know immediately via phone or the contact us page.

No nominations are being accepted at this time.
Please contact the office for more info.